Convergence 1.0


Actual and virtual juggling solo with live cello music.

“What is juggling without the balls?”

A series of allegoric and surprising scenes, closer to dance than technical performance, structured around juggling and computer artistry. No longer serving a narrative thread, they are both subject and object of the performance. A virtual juggling system lifts the restrictions of gravity and figure while diverting the rules of space and time. The performance provides a space to explore the feelings, fantasies and nightmares of the juggler.

This project is no longer distributed.


and performed by 

Adrien Mondot

Sound design 
Véronika Soboljevski
and Christophe Sartori

Light mixing and management 
Thierry Laroche

Special consultants 
Laurie Bellanca,
Guillaume Bertrand

compagnie Adrien M

Le Manège de Reims, scène nationale

Les Migrateurs, réseau les arts du cirque, Alsace

Le Maillon, scène européenne, Strasbourg

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