Faire corps -
Adrien M & Claire B


Exhibition-experience at La Gaîté Lyrique

Designed at the invitation of la Gaîté Lyrique in Paris, this original exhibition presents the monumental installation The shadow of the vapor (2018, produced for the Fondation d’entreprise Martell and shown for the first time in Paris), the corpus of installations XYZT (2011-2015) as well as two contemplative pieces created for La Gaîté Lyrique, Effluve and Core (2020).

« An unprecedented assembly of works filled with new perspectives, meaning, and consciousness, Faire corps resonates with our technological era and contemporary concerns : immersed in semi-darkness, we glide through the space, at our own pace, barefoot, drawn in by the light and scintillating sounds to meet a vast and hypersensitive entity that vibrates and breathes in reaction to our presence. Grasping our emotional and sensory intelligence — that one which makes us more perceptive — this corpus reveals a tangible and yet immaterial space, it conjures up this world in which we become one (faire corps, in French), in mutual belonging.»
Jos Auzende, exhibition curator, January 2020

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Exhibition curator,
programmation and texts

Jos Auzende - La Gaîté Lyrique

La Gaîté Lyrique
with the support
of Fondation
d’entreprise Martell

Conception, art direction,

Claire Bardainne
and Adrien Mondot

Technical management
Jean-Marc Lanoë

Exhibition set-up
Loïs Drouglazet, Rémi Engel,
Mélina Faka, Claire Gringore,
Jean-Marc Lanoë, Yannick Moréteau, Elvire Tapie, Antoine Villeret

Marek Vuiton

Technical direction
Alexis Bergeron

Margaux Fritsch, Joanna Rieussec, Delphine Teypaz

Johanna Guerreiro

© Voyez-vous (Vinciane Lebrun)
© Cecilia Poupon

Video teaser
© Antoine Cormier

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of the company

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