Piano piano

2023 — 1h

A musical and visual piece
by babx + Adrien Mondot

Piano piano tells the story of an encounter, or rather a reunion.
David Babin and Adrien Mondot met twenty years ago at the Délirium, an avant-garde venue at the heart of Avignon and its festival. One was having fun trying out some freshly written songs on the piano, the other juggling to forget his daily routine as an IT engineer. In this context of freedom and possibilities, a friendship and mutual admiration were born... 

Today, David - now known as babx - has carved out a unique place for himself on the French music scene. Whilst Adrien - with the company Adrien M & Claire B - has fun creating shows and installations at the crossroads of the performing and visual arts, where body meets image and space, real and virtual, combining craft and digital devices.

Piano piano embodies their mad desire to pick up where they left off twenty years ago: a place for daydreaming, experimentation, pleasure of play. They step out of their respective comfort zones - David by forgoing singing to find himself alone with his piano and the instrumental repertoire of his latest album, «  A house with a piano in it »  ; Adrien by stepping back onto the stage and reexperimenting the gravity of a ball, the risk of a fall. 

« To be new again, each filled with the roads they have travelled. As adults, they rediscover child’s play or the art of being children. » 

On stage, literally immersed in an « image-space », the piano and the two performers become the protagonists of a dreamlike stroll between abstraction and impressionism. Imbued with the simple blend of a soundscape and a visual world, the image embodies the missing notes of the music, and vice versa. To make the vibrations of the air visible, to feel the resonance of a chord, but also to see the silence, and hear the darkness…


Visual conception,
computer design and juggling

Adrien Mondot

Original music and performance

Computer development assistance
Eva Décorps

Digital toolsets for management
Loïs Drouglazet

Technical direction
Raphaël Guénot

Technical management and sound engineering
Clément Aubry, Romain Sicard - alternating

Lighting designed in collaboration with
Jérémy Chartier

Marek Vuiton (Adrien M & Claire B),
Alice Guillemet (La Familia)

Production and booking
Joanna Rieussec, Adèle Béhar

Margaux Fritsch, Delphine Teypaz (Adrien M & Claire B)
Kevin Douvillez, Laurent Carmé (La Familia)

Inès Renaï

Coproduction Adrien M & Claire B and La Familia

© Raoul Lemercier, © Christophe Raynaud de Lage