2020 — 5 min

360° video and music installation

Created at La Gaîté Lyrique in Paris by Adrien M & Claire B in 2020, in collaboration with Olivier Mellano, the contemplative piece Core is a synesthetic ballet of light and sound that gives body to the void, « a hypnotic and symphonic power, like a force that circulates, irrigates and acts from a distance ». Like the infinitesimal radiance of a star in the universe, Core is a rhythm, a flow, the beating heart of its pulses, the symphonic summary of this world. A 360° energy accelerator, Core marks both a beginning and an end. »
Jos Auzende, curator of the exhibition Faire corps - Adrien M & Claire B at la Gaîté Lyrique, Paris.

Find the music of this project, composed by Olivier Mellano here


Concept and artistic direction
Claire Bardainne and Adrien Mondot

Computer design
Adrien Mondot

Composition and sound creation
Olivier Mellano

Song and voices
Kyrie Kristmanson

Technical managment
Jean-Marc Lanoë

Marek Vuiton, assisted by Mathis Guyetand

Technical direction
Raphaël Guénot

Production and booking
Joanna Rieussec

Margaux Fritsch, Delphine Teypaz, Juli Allard-Schaefer

Adrien M & Claire B

The Adrien M & Claire B Company is accredited by DRAC Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region and is supported by the City of Lyon.

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