Just your shadow

2022 — 10 min

New work for the Festival d'Avignon 2022
by Adrien M & Claire B x Jann Gallois | Cie BurnOut

In backlight, two women meet. A hymn recounts words, parts of their bodies, that they touch, look at with curiosity, modesty, attention, being simply present. We can feel the thickness of the air between them. Slowly, their mouvements stretch out, and threads are weaved in time, suspended. Their ties are made visible by a myriad of particules.

This short piece was born out of the encounter between visual artists Claire Bardainne and Adrien Mondot with choreographer Jann Gallois, and the complicity of dancer Carla Diego. It is inspired by the power of gentleness, as an antidote, to take care of our presence to the other.

New work for the Avignon Festival 2022, as part of the Immersive Night entitled Super Tomorrow and imagined by ARTE magazine Tracks and Adami.

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Concept and visual creation 
Claire Bardainne, Adrien Mondot

Jann Gallois

Artistic direction 
Claire Bardainne, Adrien Mondot, Jann Gallois

Carla Diego, Jann Gallois

Digital interpretation 
Adrien Mondot

Light engineering 
Benoît Fenayon

Sound engineering 
Clément Aubry

Just (After Song of Songs), David Lang - Tiro Mediæval

Marek Vuiton, assisted by Mathis Guyetand

Technical direction 
Raphaël Guénot

Production and booking 
Joanna Rieussec

Juli Allard-Schaefer,
Margaux Fritsch,
Delphine Teypaz

Johanna Guerreiro

Adrien M & Claire B

Cie BurnOut

ARTE magazine Tracks,
ARTE France

In partnership with the Festival d'Avignon

Contact presse de la compagnie 
Agence Plan Bey

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